3 tips to grow your social media presence

These are 3 tips to grow your social media presence.

SOCIAL MEDIA is the most powerful tool in the world right now. It is a gift given unto mankind and only those who master it, win! Take a peek through FORBES and you will see that the richest men in the world all have something to do with social media. In fact, social media played an important role on their becoming, POWERS THAT BE!

There are many social media platforms in the world right now and they include facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp, vk, snapchat, tumblr,

3 tips to grow your social media presence

Do you want to see your following grow?

Then you have to start connecting with your audience.

Do this through these 3 simple ways:

  1. Respond to all comments and direct messages. This does not mean you have to respond with anything lengthy. A sweet “Thank you” or an emoji will show your audience the gratitude you have for them following you. They will always yearn to see what next you are about to drop or offering. It works like magic. Only the wise leverage on this.
  2. Humanize your brand your content. Give your brand a voice and a personality. This might come in as someone that your audience can relate to and visualize in their head. The best way to do this is to create a real-life avatar, a fictional character that represents your brand. This works very well. This is the reason many BRANDS have  brand ambassadors, mostly celebrities. People you know have a lot of followers and is being loved far and wide. It is a major boost to any business
  3. Share exclusive content: This means content that is found nowhere else but on your page. Followers love unique stuff. Well, everyone loves that; so create meaningful contents. It engages them to your brand and make they stay for more.

Just try these out and see a major boost in your social media presence.

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