Don’t know much about the beauty of the world? well not to worry, here are 8 WONDERS OF THE WORLD YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT

1. Red Beach – China

Although the picture is enough to captivate the attention of anyone, the Red Beach in Panjin, China is nothing like a beach. Typically, a beach is imagined as a far-reaching stretch of water accompanied by sand and the Red Beach surely depicts nothing of that sort. The place is basically formed from Sueda which is a seaweed that grows during the month of spring and changes color from green to maroon in summers and autumn respectively. Not the entire beach is open for tourists but you can still visit the permissible area between the months of September to November.

2.  Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park – Brazil

Ever wondered if a well could get listed as one of the wonders of the world? Well, the Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park in Brazil will convince you that even wells can be beautiful and nothing like you can imagine! This beautiful and amazing place is not actually a well but a lake or a giant hollow pool that is 100 feet deep. It is best known for its crystal clear water that can even help you see the rocks and tree trunks that lie to the bottom of it. If you are planning to visit this mind-blowingly amazing place, let me tell you that you can get the best view of this place when sunlight falls on the water through a small opening, leaving around a mesmerizing blue reflection

3. Kamchatka Ice Cave, Russia

This magical place is also called ‘Dwarf’s Wonderland’. The caves are right next to a volcano and were formed by a stream that flows through glacial fields.

4. Meteora, Greece

The monasteries are set among the skies and the word Meteora means exactly that in Greek. It translates to “middle of the sky” or “suspended in the air”.


5. Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, Iceland.

One of the most scenic waterfalls in the world with a drop of 60 metres. It featured in the 6th season of ‘The Amazing Race’.


6. Forest of Knives, Madagascar

It will stab your heart with its beauty. The limestone formation scale over 70 meters and despite being so incredible & different, the forest is one of the least visited forests in the world.

7. Library of Celsus – Turkey

This awe-inducing structure, the Library of Celsus, is yet another amazing place listed under the top ten wonders of the world apart from the seven that we are familiar with. Looking at this structure, no one would believe it is a library, isn’t it? Yes, the structure has been destroyed by a natural phenomenon but the remains still make it a beautiful place, enough to become a tourist attraction. And, let me tell you, the place is actually a graveyard that has Celsus been buried in a crypt beneath the library for hundreds of years now


8. Pamukkale Pools, Turkey

A bath here can sooth your senses. The terraces are made of sedimentary rocks where water from the hot springs is deposited.


This must have brought up the adventure spirit in you right? there are still many places that are more beautiful and fascinating and might not have been seen. know any other wonder you’d wanna share with the world? use our comment section and lets unravel the beauty of mother earth together

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