How To Fix Invalid Imei Issue on Android Devices without Rooting


What is an IMEI Number ?

IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique serial or identification or serial number of a mobile and smartphones. It is a 15 digits unique number of a mobile. You can see it on your phone, below your battery or in your phone’ s packing box also. This number can help you to prevent your phone being used by someone else if the phone is lost and got by someone else, or stolen. But sometimes, we need to change android IMEI number of our mobile or sometimes due to Flashing or Format,  your device can come up with an error message of invalid Imei. You can check your android IMEI number in your phone by dialling (*#06#).

Why you need to change android IMEI??

We all know that nowadays Google Play-store provides us a lots of applications. Some of the apps pay us money for downloading the apps and for referring that app to our friends. But when someone tries to re download the same app that you have already downloaded before then the app will not pay you for this. Because the app get this information of your downloading through your android IMEI number. So, to get more profit from those apps you can change android IMEI number. Not only this, changing of IMEI android number can help you in many ways.

Sometimes your device shows you SIM error, like invalid Sim or etc. This problem occurs due to your damaged IMEI number. So, In this article I will make you understand that how can you repair or change android IMEI number??

Fixing IMEI Number in MTk Chipset Android Phone Without Root

Most times it is difficult to root some of our android devices and as such it becomes a problem when this issues occurs.  But no need to worry.  We’ve got a way to fix “Invalid Imei” issue without rooting


1.First of all you need to download Mobile Uncle tool on your device.

2. After complete downloading, you need to install it and open it on your android.

3. Then Select Engineer >> Engineer Mode (MTK) option from the Mobile Uncle tool.

4. Now scroll down and find CDS Information option, when you get that option then click on it.

5. Now click on Radio Information option, after clicking on it, you will see two options in this app called Phone 1 and Phone 2.

6. You need to click on Phone 2 option.
Once you click on Phone 2, you will see another new option AT+.

7. Now you need to replace AT+ to “AT+(space)Your 15 Digit New IMEI Number“.

Example – AT+ 123456789222254

8. Finally, you have click in SEND AT COMMAND to save your settings.

9. If you want to confirm !. Then Reboot your device and check your IMEI number again by dialing *#06#.

10. Finally, Your IMEI number will be successfully changed.

“Please Note:- This tutorial is for Educational purpose only. We are also not responsible for any harm  to you or your Android device by our methods. But our both methods are tested and working. But if you have done any mistake in this process, as a result your android device can be damaged. Therefore, use this trick on your own risk”.

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