You have thought about being classy and all you see is red light every where screaming “Money! Money!! Money!!!” And you forget about it. You settled for average or shabby. But you know, this doesn’t have to be your reality. Who did money help? (I’m joking now, I’m as broke as you are).
You can be classy with a lot of money in your pocket, and you can also be classy without a lot of money in your pocket.
First, it’s a mind thing. I never really paid attention to how I looked until I realised it went before my words and made a statement. And I didn’t like the statement it was making. Your dressing represents you, be particular about it.
Second, being classy aids personal branding. So you are an artist, a music producer, a journalist, a banker, a writer like me or an entrepreneur; let your dressing ‘help your market’. Let it pull people to you. Let it make a statement. Let it lift up your head and not your shoulder.
So, let’s move to being classy. It’s not a girl thing, it’s a us thing.

1. Be neat, first!
There’s nothing to say here. Be clean, be neat. That’s the first and most important lesson.
2. Don’t forget that those who buy cheap, buy twice.
I know we are broke but if we buy quality, it will last and help us better in the long run. It will not fade as fast, or tear, or become an eyesore in your wardrobe.
3. Get a good alterations tailor.
Get someone you can trust to make your amendments. Get someone who does it perfectly.
4. Be ready to take care of your clothes and your accessories.
It’s not just about buying and wearing, it is also about maintaining. Don’t throw them anywhere, or use the wrong things to wash or clean them or hang them shabbily.
5. Know your measurements
How wide is your shoulder? Your bust/chest? How wide is your hip? It will save you time and help you to buy perfect fitting clothes.

Below are some tips. Don’t forget to stick to your budget. There’s no joy in being a classy debtor.

1. Buy Black. It will go with anything.
2. Prepare to wear lots of blazers. It makes very nice statements about you.
3. Wear slim fitting pieces.
4. Know your surrounding. Dress for occasions. Don’t wear a suit to class.
5. Wear sunglasses. Trust me, you’ll look like Emma Watson.
6. Wear statement jewelry. No need for ‘American bling-bling’.
7. Coordinate your shoes and bags, belts and shoes. I heard they have to be the same colour.
8. Don’t wear rumpled clothes, unpolished shoes and keep untidy hair.
Now that you’re ready to begin your classy journey, don’t forget to smile. It’s the best piece of clothing.

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