HOW TO GROW A BEARD – Scientific proven ways


We all know that beards is the new six packs. Guys don’t hit the gym no more, they grow beards.
#BeardGang is one of the most popular and trending clique in the world right now.
Funny enough, study shows that girls nowadays get more attracted to bearded guys than six-packed dudes. The world is really changing and it’s best we tutor you on the scientifically proven ways to force those beards out.
Don’t let the bloggers fool you.
This is coming from someone with first hand experience.

Growing a beard can be tasking and a little bit money consuming but we are here to show you the easiest and cheapest way to have that manly look. Good things don’t come easy, you know.

1. Fall in love with a beard:
Cherish and admire any good looking beard you see; give compliments if possible. Then fall in love with a particular style. The type of beard you’ll grow will however be determined by your facial structure. So while loving a particular style, still have in mind that your preferred beard style might not match your face. So keep an open mind and allow the beards that your face supports grow. The only thing you have to do now is to take very good care of it, groom the beards, man!.
Lol, don’t be scared tho. Sometimes, our dream beards do come to us. While some people are blessed with fast-growing full beards, some are not that lucky. The rate at which facial hairs grow are mostly determined by genes. It all beckons on you to take care of it and groom it the way you deem fit.

  1. Men start growing beards when they reach puberty. It varies though as some start growing beards immediately while some take time. Some start growing beards at the age of 15, while some even start at the age of 25…..it’s all about gene! So take a glass of juice and relax, don’t rush it.

  2. These are scientifically proven ways to grow a beard quicker.
    Some people at teenage start applying all kinds of stuff on their jaw just to force the beards out. Many even apply alcoholics…..lol. Most of the time, these stuffs don’t work.
    The only efficient way to grow beards faster is:

– Take “Biotin”.
It’s a supplement that is responsible for Beard Growth. You can buy it at any registered pharmacy shop. But it’s advisable you’re 18+ before you use it.
– Exercise daily.
This helps your body mature faster and tricks the hormones for beards to come out…. Don’t be lazy.
– Add more protein to your diet.
This is very efficient as we know that proteinous meals trigger Growth.
– Take enough fruits.
Fruits keep your body balanced.
– Take plenty water.

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