sometimes we might get tired of scrolling through updates on instagram and might want to give up on social media.  Other times due to some circumstances, we might really need to delete our accounts and this might be quite difficult to achieve.  Well not to worry,  here is HOW TO PERMANENTLY DELETE YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT

Be warned though, if you choose to permanently delete Instagram, your profile, photos, videos, comments, Likes and followers will be removed – there’s no going back. You have to be really sure you’re ready to enter the filter-free world.

How to Permanently delete your instagram account

You can’t delete Instagram using the app, so you’ll need to use a PC or computer.

1. Open the Delete Instagram account page on Instagram’s FAQ.
2. Enter your username and password, if you’re not already signed in. This will take you to a page with a drop-down menu next to the question “Why are you deleting your account?”
3. Choose from one of the seven options: “Trouble getting started,” “Created a second account,” “Privacy concerns,” “Want to remove something,” “Too busy/too distracting,” “Can’t find people to follow” and “Too Many Ads” or “Something else”.
4. Once you select a reason, you’ll be asked to enter your password one last time.
5. To delete Instagram, click “Permanently delete my account” when it pops up.

Alternatively, you can deactivate your account for a limited time. Read on to find out how:

How to deactivate Instagram Account 

If you don’t want to permanently delete Instagram, you can instead take a break from the service. You can deactivate and reactivate your account at any time on a desktop, but not via the app.

1. Log in to your account on mobile or desktop.
2. Select your profile picture and go to “Edit Account”.
3. Scroll down and hit “Temporarily disable my account”. You’ll be asked to select a reason why before being given the chance to finally hit the “Temporarily Disable Account” button that pops up.

very easy to do now,  isn’t it?. Just think twice before deleting your account.  Sometimes deactivating might be a good idea

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