know who called when your phone was offf

I want to know who called when my phone was switched off or out of network coverage; I don’t know about you. Sometimes our phone switches off due to low battery charge or deliberately us when we don’t want distractions from calls. During this period our phone is down or out of network coverage, some people could call us. There is a way to know who they are.

On MTN, Etisalat and Airtel, you can check who called when your phone was off or out of coverage with the various services they offer. MTN has the “MTN Missed Call Notification (MCN)” service, Etisalat has the “Missed Call Notification” service, while Airtel has the “Missed Call Alert” service.

know who called when your phone was offf

In this post, i will highlight the features of every one of these services; how to subscribe to them, how they work and how to opt out of them. I don’t know know about GLO though. So get a drink and enjoy.

Below are the details of the various services offered by the different networks.

MTN “Missed Call Notification”

To subscribe, send an SMS containing the text “MCN” to 131 and you will get a response with the following message:

Y’ello! You have successfully subscribed to Missed Call Alert for free. You will now receive notifications for all calls missed. To opt-out, text NOMCN to 131.

To unsubscribe, send an SMS with text “NOMCN” to 131 and you will get a message saying:

Y’ello! You have successfully unsubscribed from Missed Call Alert for free. You have stop receiving notifications for all calls missed. To opt-out, text MCN to 131.

That is how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the service that lets you know who called you while your phone was off on MTN.

Etisalat Missed Call Notification Service

Activating this service offered by Etisalat Nigeria is easy and also free!

To activate the Etisalat Missed Call Notification on your line, dial the following USSD – 229269*1#. Within 15 minutes at the maximum, you will receive an SMS informing you of a successful activation.

To Deactivate, dial 229269*0# 

Please note that the Missed Call Notification Service is only available to only Etisalat EasyStarter Tariff subscribers!

How To Activate Airtel Missed Call Alert

To activate the alert for your line, dial 100117# or access the service through 100#, select More (option 11), then Missed Call Alert (option 7). This will give you the option to:

  • Activate Service
  • Deactivate Service
  • Check status

When you switch on your mobile phone or get back on the network, you will receive notification of missed calls via sms. The sms will contain information of calling party’s mobile number, time & date when the call was made.

When you activate this on Airtel Nigeria network, the caller will also be sent a notification telling them that the number they tried to call is now available. This way, they can also choose to call you back.

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