Beauty contests have become a trend in our society and have been extended to livestock of recent.  We’ve heard of cat and dog pageants,  well here’s a shocker!!  A village in Lithuania holds annual goat beauty contest to determine the prettiest goat in the village.

Okay, it’s not a worldwide trend just yet, but the village of Ramygala in Lithuania has been celebrating the beauty of goats for seven years. Yahoo reports that over 500 people came out to find the greatest looking goat in all of Lithuania. They first started the day with a parade of goats through the village of Ramygala. The judges then select the six best looking goats to compete for the sought after title, “prettiest goat.” Nice skin is one of the top six things the judges look for when deciding which goat to pick.

That goat who lives at your grandparent’s farm who always tries to eat your shirts could be a winner. This year the crown went home with 74-year-old Ferdinandas and his beautiful goat Demyte. To win, Demyte first had to be presented in front of the tough panel of judges. This year the panel was made up of a local cucumber farmer, a school principal and a local politician.

Demyte, or Little Spot as she is known to her family, was the seventh goat to ever win the title of “prettiest goat.” If anyone should teach you to never stop believing in your dreams it’s Ferdinandas, as he’s entered this contest 6 years in a row with different goats. Little Spot was his golden goat.

This really shows how important our animal best friends are to us and how much we like to brag about them. Either way congratulations to the prettiest goat in all of Lithuania, Demyte. Maybe we would be hearing of a chicken pageantry soon.

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